MedCom Alert Family Network
Peace of mind for your family’s ongoing heath is one of the most important things to all of us, yet when an emergency happens we have no efficient way of knowing that emergency just occurred.

MedCom Alert ensures that you’re receiving immediate notification if your loved ones are hospitalized, have received emergency services, or are simply injured and need medical attention. Health alert notification and updates are instantly provided to you through the MedCom Alert system.

Here's how it works!
Simply register as a member at our website and add the names and phone numbers of your family members that you would like in your MedCom Alert network.
When an emergency occurs involving anyone in your network, simply log into the MedCom Alert website and leave a detailed message informing your network of the circumstance, condition and or location of the incident. Messages can be entered into the system via voice, email or text.
Immediately MedCom Alert will alert everyone in your network and inform them of the incident, and give them map location of the injured party.
MedCom Alert enables you to leave as many messages as you need as often and you like informing your entire network at one time. Emergencies, hospitalization, unscheduled surgeries, broken bones etc. can be stressful. Constant communication with friends and family can add more stress and confusion to an already stressful time. MedCom Alert helps you up to focus on your loved ones needs, support, and medical decisions without the burden of untimely updating of friends and family. MedCom enables you to give updates and information when you choose, and give you peace of mind that everyone is well informed.
Specialized Groups
Create specialized groups within the MedCom system. Delivering messages to key groups within your network.
Medical Teams
MedCom enables you to efficiently send out group notifications, request and instruction to your medical team and advisors.
Collogue Groups
Deliver key information to business associates, employees, and or client.
Prayer Groups
Send out spiritual messages, information and /or prayer requests to your team of on call prayer warriors.
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